[Photo/Storybooks] DBSK- XXL~Downloads

11 Jun


The 1st Photo Book – Travel Sketches in Los Angeles

City Of Angels

Let’s Play

Stage in L.A

Image Diary – Xiah Junsu

Image Diary – U-Know Yunho

Image Diary – Micky Yoochun

Image Diary – Hero Jaejoong

Image Diary – Max Changmin

The 2nd Photo Book – Summer Paradise in Borabora

Extras: 2 Screensavers, 5 Wallpapers

4 Videos: Intro, 2nd Photobook Activity, Hi Ya Ya MV Sketch, Image Diary

The 3rd Photo Book – The Prince in Prague

Contains: 133 Pictures , 1 Video (English Subbed)


The 1st Story Book – ‘Hug’

Extras: 2 Pictures, 1 Screen Saver

4 Videos: Intro, Jacket Sketch,Special Clip, Hug MV

The 2nd Story Book – ‘The Way U Are’

Extras: 35 Pictures, 2 Wallpapers, 1 Screensaver

10 Videos: Intro, Jacket Sketch, Taiwan Promotion,  Samsung “Yepp” & Surprise Party for Micky, F Concert with Cassiopeia, My Little Princess MV, MyLittle Princess (Acapella) MV, The Way U Are MV Hotmail MV

The 3rd Story Book – ‘TVfXQ! Special Photo Essay in L.A’

Extras: 4 Wallpapers

10 Videos: Intro, TVXQ in LA, Miduhyo MV 1, Miduhyo MV 2, Whatever They Say MV, Album Jacket Sketch (Miduhyo), Album Jacket Sketch (Tri-Angle) ,Music Video Jacket Sketch (Hug), Music Video Jacket Sketch (I Believe In You) ,Music Video Jacket Sketch (The Way U Are)

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