[MP3] DBSK~ 1st Asia Live Tour Concert

16 Jun

1st Live Concert Album




  • Opening – Landing On Earth
  • Tonight
  • HUG(포옹)
  • 너희들것이니까 (I wish…)
  • Whatever they say
  • Opening Ment
  • 믿어요
  • Here comes TVXQ!
  • Free your mind
  • Dangerous mind
  • (믹키개인기) 여우비(Like weather…)
  • Lake of calmness
  • 지금처럼
  • 약속했던 그때에 (Always there…)
  • I never let go
  • Magic of Melody
  • I wanna hold you


  • 마법의 (Magic Castle)
  • (시아개인기) All rise
  • (영웅개인기) 발걸음
  • Ment
  • LOVE after LOVE
  • 언제나
  • Ment
  • The way U are (Extended ver.)
  • Rising Sun reprise
  • Rising Sun(순수) (Extended ver.)
  • One
  • Closing Ment
  • My little princess (있잖아요…)
  • Drive (Extended ver.)
  • Free your mind (Remix)
  • 여우비(Like weather…) (동방신기ver.)

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