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[MP3] Super Junior M – Super Girl & Blue Tomorrow (Korean Ver.)

29 Sep
Hope u’ll like it, how i do~ Love SJ-M …♥

Super Girl (Korean Version)
Download Here

Blue Tomorrow (Korean Version)
Download Here

credit@Kymee (MyLittlesuperdongbang)

[MP3] Oppa B@nd ep 13~ OPPA BAND SONG w/ Heechul and Sungmin

29 Sep
Here is it~
I cut it from 090920 Oppa Band ep 13 with Heechul.♥.



[Fanfic] Whisper of Love •Sichul• (3)

29 Sep

 On the next Morning, 9:30 am, Kitchen

Hankyung went into the Kitchen and walked towards the table, quietly he sat down.
Leeteuk, who was cutting one slice of bread, stand in the front of the stove.
”Hankyung- Did you see Heechul?
Our Manager called me just some minutes ago, he said Heechul has schedule at 10 am” 
a happily singing Leeteuk asked the Chinese Member.
Hankyung gave a short ”No”, stand up again, sighed and left the Kitchen.
”Huh? What’s wrong with him?” The leader worried.
”Hankyung…Yah – Are you got up on the wrong side of the bed?”
”Shut up!”
Leeteuk was surprised.
Hankyung was never before so angry. When he was in a bad mood, he never said anything – 
the most time he went to Heechul…Good they are so close.
Still in his Mind, he walked through the kitchen, the Knife, which he needed to cut the bread,
in his Hand.
Suddenly he bumped into Sungmin who was coming into the Kitchen.
”Ahhh..Don’t kill me, Hyung!!!” A scared voice came from the Floor.
”Oh! Sungminnie…Mianhae! Are you OK?”
Leeteuk gave his dizzy friend his Hand. A bit clumsy Sungmin pulled oneself up.
”Y-Ye! Thank you!” 
”Did you see Heechul?”
”Heechul Hyung?” Sungmin looked down.
Then he lifted his head, smiled and replied: 
”Oh- Ye! I saw him in the Morning leaving with… i think i saw Siwon with h-him…” 
”Siwonnie?” wispered Leeteuk.
”Did- Did you said something?” Sungmin laughed nervously.
”Oh? Ah..Anio, Anio!” 
There was something, what he couldn’t explain to himself…a strange feeling spread through him.
”I have Schedule yet. I’m going with Donghae and Eunhyuk to Star King.”
With these Words he left the Kitchen.
”Ah Sungmin -i forgot…” suddenly Leeteuk said. 
He looked around the Room.
No Sungmin.
He sighed and with ”…to ask you, if you already called Junsu…” end the sentences in his thoughs.
The Leader was downcast!

[Fanfic] Whisper of Love •Sichul• (2)

27 Sep


 A nice soft…slowly he opened his eyes : ”AH!!” 
The man laid on the another man’s bed- under him his Hyung: Heechul.
 Still sleeping.
 His Pillow laid half on his bed, half on the floor. 
He wore a pink pyjama with little hearts, a present from his fans. 
The chocolate brown hair covered his face, but he still could see his lips, sweet lips…kissable lips…
 ”Really Really…Cute” the shy man thought.
 Carefully he tried to stand up, and wispered then softly in Heechul’s ear: 
”Hyung?? Can i sleep …in your bed? I can’t sleep…well~ Please, Hyung!”
 ”Uhh??” a weird noise came from Heechul.
 ”Hyung…Please let me sleep here!!!” Slowly Heechul opened his eyes. Darkness!
 ”Hyung!! Please let me sleep with you!!” Siwon slightly angry replied. 
 ”Who are…Oh! Siwon-Dongsaeng~” Heechul was awake, still very tired!
 He looked at his clock; 2:13 am.
 ”’I only slept 3 hours” thought the tired pretty Boy!
 ”Araso!! Simba~ Come Here!!”
 ”Don’t ask!” 
 Siwon smiled.
 *GLOMP*– Suddenly Siwon hugged his Hyung.
 ”Araso..Araso! Yet come here~” 
”Kamsahamnida Heenim Hyung!”
 Siwon jumped into Heechul’s bed. Now he would sleep…sleep very very well~
 Just 5 cm away…heard Heechul’s breathing. 
”Saranghae Hyung” Siwon wispered.
He could see how Heechul raised a smile. 
”Na Doo Saranghaeyo” he answered- and fell into a deep Sleep!


[MP3] Jaejoong & Yoochun ~ Been so Long (HQ)

27 Sep

Download: Here

credit@Me (Kymee)

[MP3] Jaejoong & Yoochun – COLOURS: Harmony and Melody (Less Vocal/Instrumental)

27 Sep

•••Let’s make a cover of it ♥

Download: Here

credit@Me (Kymee)

[MP3] Jaejoong & Yoochun – Shelter (Less Vocal/Instrumental)

27 Sep

IT’S OUT ♥____♥

Download: Here

credit@ me (Kymee)

[Mp4+Avi] Jaejoong & Yoochun ~ COLOURS: Harmony and Melody

27 Sep
OMG #______#
isnt it awesome?? ♥

MP4 ->
AVI ->


[MP3] Jaejoong & Yoochun ~ COLOURS: Melody and Harmony

27 Sep

credit@Me (Kymee)

[MP3] Jaejoong + Yoochun ~ COLOURS: Melody and Harmony (Album)

27 Sep

Download :


[Video+MP3] Jaejoong & Yoochun – Let’s go home on feet/Aruitekaerou @Music Fair 21

27 Sep

Aired on 090926 on Music Fair 21

Download Mp3: HERE

[Video+MP3] Jaejoong & Yoochun – True Love @Music Fair 21

27 Sep
That’s from MUSIC FAIR (21) !!
Aired on 090926~

Download MP3: HERE

[Fanfic] Whisper of Love •Sichul• (1)

25 Sep

 Wisper of Love

,,Hyung?” a wisper came from the door.
No Reaction!
,,Hyung?”  the man’s voice got louder!
A susurration – Something came towards him – with big bright eyes…
A Touch!
He got palpitations.

,,Mew~” The young man stumpled several steps backwards.
Carefully he asked: ,,Heebum?”
,,Mew~” came it again!
He breathed a sigh of relief – he knew it was just Heebum.
Slowly he went towards a bed, which stood in the middle of the Room.
A sleeping young Man laid in it.
But before he could reached it, his clumsy self won; he stumple over a pair of shoes!
,,NOO~” was his last thought – then he fell.

* Sound of walking with Bare Feets on a wood-Floor/ and open a Door~

[Fanmade MV] Yunjae 윤재~ Is it Love?

22 Sep

YEAH~ c(^-^c)
You see?
Its my new YUNJAE Video~
The other ”Save a little Love” coming tomorrow!!

Yunho and Jaejoong sing about their feelings for each other…
they don’t know if this feeling is Love or just Friendship!
SCENE 1: @1:35~ Yunho comfess his Love to Jaejoong…
SCENE 2: @2:20~ Yunho tickling each other…They both laughing!!
SCENE 3: @2:27~ Yunho hugging Jaejoong; comforting him ♥
SCENE 4: @3:04~ Yunho watching Jaejoong while he’s sleeping~
What will happen with they?? ^.^
Well…nobody knows ♥

[MV] Save a little Love, Yunjae ~’Preview’~

21 Sep

I tried my best :D

took more than 4 hours for FULL MV!
but i cant upload it today and tomorrow~ have to study >.<
So guys that’s just the preview!!!!
PLease wait for me~~~

Annyeong ♥
this song is cute huh??
later you can download it…have to upload the song in 4shared, first xDD

[MP3] Yuchun & Jejung – Shelter

20 Sep

*i’m crazy of it =P*

[PICS] Collection~ Super Junior *Heechul the most* (Banners, Icons, Wallpapers)

16 Sep

These were all for now..worked about 1 week for this ♥ feel free to take them ^^

[MP3] DBSK + Super Junior ”Support Song” It’s Time 4 Love ♥

16 Sep
Honestly..i wasnt sure about uploading it..that song *TVXQ-Somebody to Love* is verrrrry awesome..but my Voice is i know..there are more than 220 Download ^.^ *HAPPY* Thanks Guys!!!


*there is also a Preview ♥*

[MV] Super junior ~ It’s You (Offical Ver.)

16 Sep

i love this Version More ♥♥♥



[MV] Super Junior~ It’s You (Drama Version)

16 Sep

^^; Sorry i’m late, hunnies ♥