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[MP3] Jaejoong & Junsu ~ To My Bride 신부에게 @ Jaejoong’s sister Wedding

27 Oct

Download it HERE

@Littlesuperdongbang ♥

[Fanfic] {HanChul} Our Last Promise… >INTRO

27 Oct

Our Last Promise, 

a story about 2 close Friends who got seperate.
After 6 years, they get to meet each other again.
Even they worked hard to see each other again, an invisible fog bank held them back.
A long Road full of pain and confidence,
always thinking of the last Promise they made…
6 years ago, Korea, South.
The chinese descended Boy Hankyung was suposed to go back to China, 
his best Friend Heechul was left behind, in Korea.
Now he wanted to meet him again, back to Korea to find the one, he loved all the years.
Traveled without money, just the though to meet Heechul again, gaves him strengh. 
But what if it seems that his childhood Friend doesnt have interessts in him…?