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[Drawing] Sweet Paw Prints over! & T3ddY LUV3 ~by Kymee

1 Dec

1st: Sweety Paw Prints over!

2nd: T3ddY LuV3

3rd: i know these arent good, i made these for fun..took about 10 min. one by one!!

[Drawing] Merry Xmas Tree ~Kymee

1 Dec
all a beautiful Christmas!!
Merry Xmas

[Drawing] Sea of Stars & The Road of Magic ~ by Kymee

1 Dec
Sorry…..I had some problems -.-
But today i want to post some again (even i have to learn PE! *__* i hate exams T^T)
So first:
Sea of Stars

The Road of Magic

**My RANK is: 904 ^^ from 48610**

[Video] 동방신기•東方神起 Always keep the Faith ,,Cassiopeia with DBSK” (Eng.Sub)

1 Dec
이건 내 동방신기 지원 비디오입니다.
울지 함께 가자 …


에 너무 많은 노력을 그들이 우리에게 얘기를 그렇게 느껴 우리 함께.
잠깐 만요! 그분들이 돌아올 때까지 기다려 – 동방신기 같은.

This is my DBSK Support Video.

Let’s cry together…

Feel the way they talk to us, so much effort to being with us.
Just wait! Wait until they come back- as DBSK!




Das ist mein DBSK Support Video.

Lasst uns zusammen weinen…

Spüre die art wie sie mit uns reden,
wie fühl Mühe sich sich geben, um mit uns zu sein.

Warte! Warte bis sie wieder kommen – als DBSK!!