[MP3] Super Junior’s Heechul Cover Songs part 2 ^-^

8 Jan
  1. DJ @ Champagne
  2. Funny singing Heechul in FULL HOUSE Ep. 3
  3. Heeya @ 1000 Songs Challenge
  4. Heechul’s Solo – Horn
  5. Inkigayo Opening (Heechul singing )
  6. Mirotic (Original- DBSK)
  7. Nan Nam Ja Da (with Super Junior T & Donghae)
  8. Night was deep (from Banolim 2)
  9. Norul Saranghae (from Rainbow Romance)
  10. Heechul singing in Oppa Band
  11. Pink Spider
  12. Manful (by Outsider)
  13. Reds go together (with other)
  14. Heechuls self composed Song in BOB
  15. You don’t know Men
  16. Heechul self composed Part in Oppa Band
  17. Seoshi (from XMAN)
  18. Sonata of Temptation (Orig. by IVY)
  19. Sky (Banolim 2)
  20. Sorry Sorry (from THJ)
  21. Soul (091018 Hong Kong Super Show 2)
Some ripped by: VICHUl@Heart Hee
shared/credit by: Mylittlesuperdongbang + Heart Hee~

5 Responses to “[MP3] Super Junior’s Heechul Cover Songs part 2 ^-^”

  1. vee-vo 2010/01/09 at 3:30 AM #

    Do you have credits for this?

    • KyMee♥ 2010/01/09 at 2:23 PM #

      hmm i just have some from clubbox.kr?
      some i’ve got from Youtube?
      but i just know some videos got deleted where Heechul sang some of these…
      let me see___

      and some credits goes to MeiMei and thougssam, my friends :D

      you’d you ask? ^^

  2. vichul 2010/05/09 at 3:46 PM #

    It was from me actually. I did it for Heart Hee and shared with HeeBlossoms. That’s why Meimei and thoung knew bout it. LOL. No wonder it seemed familliar. I ripped them. But because I didnt log in to my mediafire for a month, the links are gone. When I go on holiday break, I’ll reupload them.

    • KyMee♥ 2010/05/09 at 9:31 PM #

      oh lol -.-
      i am sorry.
      yeah heeblossom.com i was there too!

  3. vichul 2010/05/11 at 5:06 PM #

    Haha. Yes. I know.
    Well, mind giving the credits to Heart Hee? Please and thankyou.

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