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[MP3] Tohoshinki~ 13re@k 0uT (Intrumental +Remix)

31 Jan
SORRY i’m sooo late~!!! .__.
LOve the Remix and for these who want a recover of it…

Remix || Instrumental

[Video] 東方神起 Jaejoong ~ ”Mission JJ”

31 Jan
^^ Hey! I finally could upload it ~ I’m happy!
it took me 4 days to finish it~
I used many clips (you see) but in the end i put them together as one♥
Still lovely ^^
For these who want to steel some scenes….feel free, but you see i put a Index in it ^^
So if you upload it somewhere else, then give credit.
and dont cut scenes out of it and make another video of it….>.>
OK? Thank you ♥
Please have fun to watch ^__^