[INFO!] Join HeartHee, the forum for Heechul Fans! ♥

30 Mar
Join Heart Hee now!
This is the international Forum for Heechullie Fans
Click on the unoffical Logo of Heart • Hee, you will be transfered to the forum!

I’m not the founder, the founder of this forum is ”VICHUL”.
Please read the rules before posting!
Please support our Heechullie~~ Hwaiting!
Offical Youtube is HERE

(c) Mylittlesuperdongbang/Kymchi & Heart Hee/Vichul

3 Responses to “[INFO!] Join HeartHee, the forum for Heechul Fans! ♥”

  1. vichul 2010/03/30 at 6:25 PM #

    Aww. Girl, I feel so touched. *wipe tears..sniff sniffs*
    Haha. Thanks a lot..for the logo and advertising. I hope you don’t mind, I’ll add our youtube acc link here okay? (www.youtube.com/user/hearthee)
    We used to have Invincible Youth subbed but Youtube removed it. We’ll re-upload them. So, Petals.. please don’t worry.

    • KyMee♥ 2010/03/30 at 8:38 PM #

      Haha. ^^
      Thank you soo much <3
      ok i'll add the YT link ^^
      && P/S: i made until now the offical Logo of Heart-Hee.
      It's bigger than i thought…but i don't give up, i will try as long as you don't say it's okay like it is!! ♥
      Hwaiting, Unni!!

  2. vichul 2010/03/30 at 6:27 PM #

    And gosh, I feel so happy that Heart Hee is the 1st to sub IY and the only one who did it. Keke. I desperately need to online via comp asap. I’m dying w/o vids. T_T

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