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[Video+MP3] 100414 Kim Hee Chul & Park Myung Soo singing Prince of the Sea @Heechul’s Youngstreet

16 Apr
Hey :)
It’s up~
This Song  from Park Myung Soo, was covered by Heechul (Suju) and himself @Heechul’s Youngstreet.
I love the ‘Cho’ ‘Cho’ ‘Cho’ part xD

VIDEO -> Download
MP3 -> Download


[MV] J.Rich ~ Goodbye my Love (feat. U-Know Yunho & Soo jin)

16 Apr
I had a lot problems lately—

But before i recorded my Sorry Sorry Cover , Heechul part for brbcool’s Group Dub ^^
AAND Jaejoong’s Insa ^^

You can watch them after i posted them~~
The micro was bad though, and the day i recorded it i felt like dying in my bloody bed :C

Oh and CLICK HERE to download J.Rich’s Debut MV :)
Yunho look hot in it~~♥