25 Nov


Sorry it’s been 6 month since my last post in WP.

I’m going to another school now & i have school until 4 pm.

Had no time for other things- plus my Youtube Account got delete & I forgot my WP password.

I have you will understand- thanks to all my visitors.

In the next few weeks I’ll begin to upload new VIDEOS, PICTURES & MP3’s again.


Please take care~ & KEEP SMILING <3333



7 Responses to “I’M SOOOO SORRY”

  1. dewi 2010/11/27 at 7:23 PM #

    hello,, can i ask some favor?
    do you have soft sub for come to play super junior 2009??
    i really need this,, i only have the video, but there is no eng sub in there,, that is so frustating me,,
    can you help me??

    • KyMee♥ 2010/11/30 at 5:19 PM #

      hmmm…in 2009 ?? I think so~~~
      I’m going to check this up 4 you ^^

      • dewi 2010/12/05 at 6:03 AM #

        gomawo for your help..
        do you have the subs??

        • KyMee♥ 2010/12/05 at 8:25 PM #

          yes I have all Videos ^^
          but i need to upload it first okay?

          • dewi 2010/12/06 at 10:40 AM #


            • dewi 2010/12/11 at 9:36 PM #

              do you have it???? the softsub?

  2. dewi 2010/11/27 at 7:33 PM #


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