[MV+MP3+Eng.Translation] 2PM ~ Without You

26 Dec
I’m posting now 2PM, 2AM and 2NE1 Downloads…
Since my Life got destroyed after hearing DBSK
won’t come back as 5 Boys group-
just Yunho & Changmin will use this name to keep the name DBSK alive!!
Honestly I’m soooo angry!

It’s like someone I’m in love with would say to me: ‘‘I HATE YOU! I DON’T WANNA  NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN”

*uuuh my poor heart!!! TT*

This Song is so nice…I’m thinking over DBSK and Cassiopeia…when listening to it…My eyes are tearing…


I’m gonna get strong

Fine, breaking up is better
This was going to happen between us anyway
You were going to do this anyway
This is better, better than falling deeper in love anyway
I think of it as fortunate, that’s why I’m okay 

I gave you all my all
I believed you so I gave you my all
But you threw that away
I gave you my everything
So I’m gonna be okay

*I’m gonna be okay
I’ll be okay
Gonna be okay
Baby without you
Without you
Baby without you
Without you
Without you, I’ll be cooler
More cooler
I’m going to stand up
Without you
I’ll live on
Without you

Listen, everything happens for a reason
Everything happens for a reason
This is the last time you’ll meet another man
Your words don’t even make sense
Just turn around
It hurts me too much
I don’t want to see you anymore

I was being fooled all this while
I didn’t even know who you were
But I know now
You don’t know love
So that’s why I’m gonna be okay


Why are you doing this to me, why?
Why do you have to do this to me, make me cry?
Was it enough to throw everything we had?
All of the times we were together
And the times we can never be together again
Aren’t they wasteful, to you?
Does it not matter to you?
Even now, are you okay without me?



TRANSLATED BY: Mylittlesuperdongbang

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