[TRACKLIST] 슈퍼주니어 5집 / Super Junior 5th Album ”MR. SIMPLE”

31 Jul






1. Mr. Simple
->A Groovy electronic beat combined with various voices,
->song was solely created for Super Junior in the SJ FUNKY style. 
->Dance song of intense rhythm’s layback groove with outstanding reverse beats with a meaningful lyric.
3.라라라라(Be My Girl)
->Witty representation of love with an expressive lyric and impressive melody,
->HITCHHKER unique electronic sound is combined with some strong impressive dance numbers.
->Lyric represents Super Junior’s hard step-by-step effort to reach to the top.
->Dance pop song with trendy beat and charming melody.


->addictive Song because of its  beautiful melody.
-> Symbolized as ‘Storm’ are Love & Farewell.
->An outstanding pop ballad song sung by:
Kyuhyun / Yesung/ Ryeowook / Sungmin /Donghae 


6.어느새 우리 (Good Friends)
-> SJ’s composer Yoon Jong Sin, who already was featured in DISCO DRIVE, is also featured in this song.
-> The song is about Super Junior’s 6 years after debut with their everlasting friendship within members.
->The lyric is about their first meeting, their friendship with rich acoustic performance and sensitive melody.


7.결투(Feels Good)
->Shuffle rhythms and electronic sounds make it an impressive dance song.
->Musical elements and great string melodies give the song a unique atmosphere.


8.기억을 따라(Memories)
->Popular melody lines and the loving atmosphere of the lyrics
->Feeling is well expressed by the vocals, the harmony is that of a medium-tempo ballad (which reminds of Yesung’s solo song ”It has To Be You” which received lots of love from the fans)
->4jib’s My Only Girl’s composer Brandon Fraley composed this song
->A trendy hiphop beat & medium tempo pop style.
->The song is about a man falling in love, about his fluttering heart.
->Super Junior’s charming voice makes it a memorable song.


->Super Junior’s remake of 1996’s JINU’s <Odd Imagination>
->It is a bright, pleasant atmosphere-song with an odd lyric.


11.Y 작사 동해 Chance 작곡 동해 Chance
->Medium-tempo R&B ballad song, a collaboration between Donghae & Chance.


12. My Love My Kiss My Heart
->SJ KRY put their attempt into a fresh style for this song.
->From the awesome addition of timpani drums to the strong sensual synth sound.
-> this song is a unique R&B ballad track.


13.[Bounce Track] 태완미  Perfection.
->Still Unknown
credit for Pictures @ DC & Marenubium
Translated by Mylittlesuperdongbang

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