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[Desktop Buddy /이특키우기] SHIMEJI: DBSK (東方神起/동방신기) – YunJae 윤재

26 Jul


DBSK (東方神起/동방신기) - YunJae 윤재 



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Made by Fan. Not mine! 

[Fanmade MV] Yunjae 윤재 ~ Missing Love

21 Oct
Scary…>.< i’m soo fast with Videos this Time~~
i made it like a Fanfiction Trailer…maybe i’m gonna write one xD
Jaejoong and Yunho had a bad fight,
before they were always together…
the Love disappeared~
when they were seperate,
they realized they miss each other,
and Jeajoong cratered….
he become a Victim of Evil dealings!!!
Is it possible to get together again? Has they Love still a Chance??
•Song: I.F (Infinite Flower) – Rainbow