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[ANIMATION] 희철 HEECHUL STORY: proмιѕe тo wαιт ғor yoυ ♥

4 Sep
I found this in Youtube…..
I’m sorry also for not able to post here regulary because of my studies….
Korea live is hard *_*
CREDIT @ Rainb0wHeartZ
TT TT Heechul oppa is now in army…you all know! I was there and said goodbye to him..
actually cried and still do so~
One Day there was a cat boy called Heechul.
It was a normal spring day.
He jumped around and was actually looking for a Friend and adventures.
then he saw a signpost- a board where he saw 3 places.
he asked the bee where he should go to.
and the bee answered he should find a lost baby kitty.
and Heechul found it- and called it Heebum.
With Heebum he met the sheeps and all were happy.
But Heechul wanted to go to the City….
and when he walked through the city a girl began screaming.
Both went to look up for her, but she was fine and
just screamed because of Heechul was so pretty.
She lost her soul~~kkk
Heebum, and Heechul into into the park,
and Heebum liked the duck but Heechul wanted back to the city.
Living there he grew older- then a accident happened,
a young boy fell from his skateboard and cried.
Heechul came to comfort him.
The another boy/man gave him money and Heechul and Heebum
decided to go to the space. Time  went by and Heebum grew big.
At the end he was a space big star.
Special Stage was awesome…
우유빛깔 김희철, 사랑해요 김희철 

[DRAWING] ”LiL Hearts” ~Kymee

8 Oct
A nice Drawing for all my Friends, Supporters and all these who watching my Blog everyday!!
It should be a nice ”THANK YOU!” to you all ♥