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[MP3+ Eng Translation] DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki ~ W!th @ll My H3@rT

15 Feb
A new heartbreaking Ballad…
I cried while listening to it.
”With all my heart i’m believing is you, TVXQ”

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ENG TRANSLATION♥With all my Heart

Reflected on the mirror,
the buttons of my shirts are in the wrong buttonholes
[Kagamini utsutta kakechigaeta shatsuno botan]

Even with these little things, I truly long for you
[Sonna sasaina kotode kimiga ireba yokattato omou]

The time we can’t spend together has deepened our love
[Aenai jikanga bokurano aiwo tsuyokushita]

If I’m at a loss in words,
I’ll just kiss you lightly on your cheek
[Kotobani tsumarunara sotto hooni kiss wo shiyou]

The days longing for each other quickly passes by
[Sorezorewo matsu hibiha isogashiku sugirukedo]

So fast, so fast, only…
[Konnanimo konnanimo tada…]

I miss you, My thoughts are always with you…
from the bottom of my heart
[Aitakute zutto kimi wo omouyo.. kokoro kara kimi wo]

Once again, I want to give my heart to you
[Mouichido my heart tsutaetakute]

If you call me, I’ll go to you
[Kimiga yobeba bokuha yukuyo]

I want to smile by your side
[Kimino sobade waraitaindayo]

By more moments, your heart may be hurt
[Futoshita shunkan kizutsuite shimatta kokoro]

I want to comfort your hurts which can’t be healed alone
[Hitorija naosenai itami bokuga iyashitaiyo]

If I can’t be by your side, I’ll just
[I ma aenai tokinara tada kimino omokagewo]

Hold your shadow in my heart, hold in my heart, and…
[Dakishimete dakishimete hora …]

All the days, my thoughts are always with you…
from the bottom of my heart
[Donna himo zutto kimiwo omouyo … kokorokara kimiwo]

I will never let go of your heart again
[Mou nidoto your heart hanasanaikara]

If you cry, I’ll go to you
[Kimiga nakeba bokuha yukuyo]

I want to always stand by your side
[Kimiwo itsumo mamoritaindayo]

If it is your wish, I’ll try every means
[Kimiga nozomunara subetewo tsukushite]

I want to grant your future, your eternal dreams, I wish
[Kimino egaku eienno yumewo kanaetai I wish]

I miss you, my thoughts are always with you,
from the bottom of my heart
[Aitakute zutto kimi omouyo … kokoro kara kimiwo]

For countless times, to heart, I’ll smile for you
[Nandodemo to heart okuru smile for you]

Even though sad, or happy
[Kanashikutemo ureshikutemo]

I want to smile by your side
[Kimino sobade waraitaindayo]

With all my heart (3x)
Find me, and I’ll be there for you (3x)