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[J-DRAMA] Sunao ni Narenakute EP. 5 (Jaejoong Cuts)

15 May
I love that Episode…Jaejoong is such a great actor~~ he will become a suscess actor!!!
__at the end of part 2, you actually see how Jaejoong hold the knife
and afterthat blood coming out from the other side of his hand.
That can’t be because where he cliped the blade there is no blood…____

Download part 1 | part 2

korean subs: Poplez

[MP3] THE TRAX~ The time is running out @ KJE’s Chocolate

10 May
Jay is very great in English~ and Jungmo rocks :D

F.T Island sang this song too- but i think this is a better one (sorry to F.T Island fans)
I think thats because they were really young there and the quali was bad too.
but i truly love f.t island ♥

CLICK HERE to download the Song

ps:) Orginal is by the ROCK band ”MUSE”


[MP3] TRAX feat. Heechul – HaHaHa Song @KJE’s Chocolate

9 May
TOP SONG sung by the best singers ♥
The orginal is by Jaurim~^^

Download HaHaHa by TRAX & Heechul


[Videos] 100508 KJE’s Chocolate with Heechul & TRAX {Interview/ Heechul Cut}

9 May
Now it’s time for my favourite boys ♥
Jungmo, Jay & Heechullie~~
I thought you guys will LOVE this ^-^
The Song cuts will come later too as MP3 ~~~

1. Heechul Full cuts~
2. Heechul & TRAX {Interview cut}


[Videos] Anyband Concert **DBSK Cuts***

29 Jul

Anyband Concert (DBSK Cuts)

Anyband – Daydream
Anyband – Talk, Play Love + Promise You
Rising Sun, I Wanna Hold You, White Lies, (DBSK)
Junsu – Memories, BoA + Junsu – A Whole New World

Junsu – Beautiful Thing

[Videos] Star King ~ Kangin Cuts (6 Videos)

24 Jun

Star King