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[FANVID] »STORY OF« •·.·´¯`·.·• TAKUMI & GII•·.·´¯`·.·• {ENG SUB/Takumi Kun 2}

26 Dec
I Made this Video just a half year ago, when I had still my old YT account...
but I had no time to upload it...now I HAVE A NEW ONE 
well I tried to upload it but after uploading it I already got delete again..SO ANGRY!
Okay fine...*thinking*
I decided to upload it on 4shared (so you can see it+Downloading it)






[MOVIE] Just Friends? 친구 사이? aka Boy meets Boy 2 (English Subbed)

20 Apr
So that is it. Full subbed!!
Thanks to ”JustFriendsSubbed”.
I don’t own anything of it- not the actors or the movie, not even the Subtitles are mine!!

part 1 | part 2 | part 3

Eng sub: JustFriendsSubbed
credit/shared by: Mylittlesuperdongbang

[STREAM/ENG SUB] Just Friends? aka Boy meets boy 2 (Korean Movie)

20 Apr
Maybe some people already watched it :)
But here comes this beautiful Movie~♥
NOTE: i’ll add the DL later~ ^^
For RAW and SUBBED! —————————-(ITS NOW UP)
video credits:
PrincessAkito@ Youtube
shared by: Mylittlesuperdongbang

[Fanfic] {HanChul} Our Last Promise… Chapter 3

29 Mar

PART 3; Wrong Place, Wrong Time

In a Cafe the heavily loaded Hankyung established himself.
With his broken Korean he ordered afterall a coffee,
after the cashier already ran past him 4 times and looked at him doubtfully.
He sighed. I’m a foreigner after all, so I shouldn’t be too surprised…
Completely absorbed in thought he savoured his almost cold coffee.
His gaze wandered through the large crow

‘’Go Min Suk -ya! Let go of me!’ a young woman, maybe in her 20th, flailed.
An unshaven young man in baggy clothes seized her arm.
‘’I said let go!’’ her screams became pure.
‘’Why should i? Jung Mi Ok…’’                                       
‘’Excuse me please…but could you two stop screaming so loud? You drive out my guests.’’
A restaurant owner from the other side looked depressed over to the brawlers.
‘’Yah! Don’t interfere there, okay? Okay? Did you understand me!?’’,
the baggy man walked towards him, packed the old Man at the collar and threw him on the ground.
Some elder woman who walked out the cloth shop tried hiding between some cars;
A Taxi stopped beside them and a Man in a suit and sunglasses stepped out.
He held his mobile phone in his hands and pressed nervously some buttons.

Hankyung was shocked– what a crime. Determined he stood up. He couln’t watch any longer.
‘’Someone call the police- and an ambulance.  Hurry!’’  he said certainly.
‘’Ng, what did ya said? Huh? No answer?  Repeat it, foreigner!’’ 
Go Min Suk, the baggy man came towards him. His gaze was hate-filled. He smirked as Hankyung still didn’t answered.
‘’Let him go, Min Suk…’’ a shakily girl’s voice broke through the silence.
‘’Shut up!’’ the man turned around.
He reached in his dirty jacket pocket and…
‘’He has a knife!’’  one of the watchers squealed.
‘’Right.’’ He charged towards, directed the knife on the woman.
‘’Nooo….’’ Hankyung sprinted forwards, packed his hood and pulled him back.
‘’YOU!?’’ he gnashed with his teeth.

A hand lay down around his neck, Hankyung gasped.
He tried to breathe, tried to tear off, however the more he tried the clutch became firmly.
Slowly it became dark around him. ‘’Ah….stop…please…’’ he whispered.
‘’Why does nobody help me?’’ he cursed in thoughts. He was in despair.

[Fanfic] {HanChul} Our Last Promise… Chapter 2

13 Feb

Part 2; I’m coming!

He was free! Finally!
The chinese descended boy Hankyung knew the next weeks will be chaotic and hard for him.
But he waited 6 years- whole 6 years.
And yet he wanted to go back.
Back to Korea, back to find his Teenage-Love, to someone he saw the last time 6 years ago,
someone he had to left behind…

”Hannie? Why are you so late? Something bad happened, right?” Heechul was worried.
”I’m so sorry!” suddenly Hankyung hugged the older boy and started crying.
Cheerfully Heechul pushed him near and kissed him on the forehead.
”Let’s sit down and then tell me~”
Under a smal Tree they sat down and Hankyung began to tell…

‘My Mom…don’t wanna live here anymore. She want’s to go back to China and …and…
I- I’m forced to go with her!!”
”You..are forced to go…with her?”
What a Shock!
Heechul tried to hold back his tears.
”I…I don’t want..don’t wanna…No!
Don’t leave me~ Hannie, please, don’t leave me~!!”

He prostrated and shed bitter tears.
His Heartbeat began to attend his screams more and more tactfully.

After both had no more power to cry their pain out, a heavy silence laid over them.
”When…are you going?” Heechul asked.
”Tomorrow in the moring.”
”Oh already…”
”But i don’t want to go. I want to stay with you all my Life-
you’re the only one i have…’
‘ Hankyung wispered.
”You~ You are my only one too.
i’m already missing you…”
Heechul wiped the last tear from his face.
”Let’s make a promise!” 
”Which one?” he looked surprised.
”Let’s be friends forever!”
”But when we are separate….how?”
”When i’ll come back…let’s live together in a big house.
Then there are just you and me, and nobody can get apart us!”

Heechul smiled: ”Yes I promise!! With the buttom of my heart!”
”Oh dear…Heart!? I want to give you something~ please close your eyes for a moment.”

Carefully he reached into his Jacketpocket and extracted a Letter, whom he opened and got a necklace out.
”Yet turn around”
He opened the Closure/Classified and puts it him on.
”You can look.”
”Oh~ Awesome! May i open the Heart-lavaliere?”

”Sure, i hope you like it….”
When Heechul opened it he felt nervousy.
Inside there was a photo from him and Hankyung.
In smal letters there was written: FOREVER IN MY HEART!
”So lovely!! Thank you Hannie~♥” Heechul hugged him.
”Look i have the same nacklace !?” Hankyung pulled off this shirt and showed him his.
Heechul bowed towards him and kissed the lavaliere.
”Please wait for me…I won’t forget you- never!” the younger man wispered into Heechuls ear.
”No- never! I’ll always waiting…always waiting for you. Always.”


Hankyung smiled.
With dreamy eyes he looked down on the golden Heart-lavaliere on his breast-
almost laying on his heart.
”I’m coming back, Chullie!” thought he before he stepped into the airplane to Korea.

[Fanfic] {HanChul} Our Last Promise… Chapter 1

6 Nov

Part 1; Bye China!

North-East China, a little House in the middle of a remoted Village…

”Hankyung!” the young man in attempting to steal away winced.
Slowly he tured around.
His mother stand behind him and  gave him a surprisly glance.

”Where are you going?”
”And all this Baggage? What’s this?”
”Um…well…Mom~ let me explain this, how to start?”
She sighed. ”So what? Where are you going?”
”Mom! I’m going on a Trip! And YOU can’t stop me!”
”And where? How about board and lodging?”
”I’ll visit a Friend in South Korea. Just for some Weeks…”
”Don’t worry Mom~ I’ll call you everyday! I promise!”

Hankyung smiled. With a jerk he opened the Sliding Door.
”So…i’m going~”
Softly he kissed her on the cheek.
”Please take care, my Son!”
”Yes, i do.”

Then the Door was colsed.

”Well i never!” she was taking by surprise with Hankyung’s  sudden departure.

[Fanmade Video] Yunjae 윤재 ~ Sexy Love

13 Jul

•••My best Video Ever •••

[Videos] Go Guy Plus~ Koi ni Ochitara ♥ Ayumu & Tatsuya Karaoke

6 Jul

Part 1 ♫

Part 2 ♫

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