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[INFO!] How to write Korean online! (with some examples)

27 Mar
Annyeong Haseyo~
Here is a Place where i show you how to write in Hangul~
its a special Site where non korean writers can write hangul on their own.
I think it works really good.

For Beginners:
If you want to write ”Annyeong”  안녕 (Hello)~ click on ‘an’ 안 and then ‘n’ ᄂ and after that ‘yeong’ 영->
The Result is ”안녕”.

For 사랑해 (Saranghae /I love you) click on ‘s’ ᄉ, then ‘a’ 아 now it says 사 ‘sa’ , now you press ‘r’ ᄅ then ‘ang’ 앙, it says 랑 ‘rang’ (until now we wrote: 사랑 ”Sarang” (Love) gratulation!) then press ‘h’ᄒand ‘ae’ 애.
The Result is ”사랑해”.

If you want more write here a comment :)
i will help you to translate some sentences to korean (Hangul) <3

Kamsahamnida!? 감사함니다!