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[MP3] DBSK/Tohoshinki/TVXQ ~ Nonstop REMIX {”Get to feel TVXQ’s Soul” Mix}

31 May
♥My own Mix of awesome TVXQ’s Hits in the past years <3♥
It’s purely Fanmade~~

These Songs I used in this Mix~ [In the right order]
1. Stay with me Tonight
2. Stand up!
3. Kiss the baby Sky
4. Aisenai Aishitai
5. Secret Game
6. Force
7. Rising Sun
8. Begin
9. We are!
10. Doushite? Why did I end up falling in Love with You?
11. Kiss the Baby Sky
12. Force
13. Love in the Ice
14. We are!
15. Phantom
16. Kotoba ni Dekinai
17. Wasurenaide
18. Magic Castle
19. Kiss the baby Sky
Stay with me Tonight
Stand up!
Kiss the Baby Sky
Aisenai Aishitai
Secret Game
Rising Sun
Love in the Ice
We Are!
Magic Castle
Kotoba no Dekin

DOWNLOAD IT HERE {If you need MU or MF please tell me!!}

credit@ Mylittlesuperdongbang || LittLeDBSK @ Youtube

[Fanfiction] ♥Hanchul♥ –”Our Last Promise” & ♥Sichul♥ –”Whisper of Love”

29 Mar
Sorry that i didnt upload videos for the last 2 days.
I wrote some Chapters of my fanfictions.

(Begin reading chapter 1 here)
(watch Trailer 1/Trailer 2)
A lovely night for Sichul-
but then Heechul disappeared.
What happened? All members looking for him~
What if it’s because of Siwon, who is the secret lover of  him?
And what can super junior do, to hide the missing Heechul?
”Race against Time.”
The read letters on his Mobile phone.
Only some Days.
Just a whisper can rescue him.
The Whisper of Love.

(Begin reading chapter 1 here)
(Watch Trailer here)
Our Last Promise, 
a story about 2 close Friends who got seperate.
After 6 years, they get to meet each other again.
Even they worked hard to see each other again, an invisible fog bank held them back.
A long Road full of pain and confidence,
always thinking of the last Promise they made...
6 years ago, Korea, South.
The chinese descended Boy Hankyung was suposed to go back to China, 
his best Friend Heechul was left behind, in Korea.
Now he wanted to meet him again, back to Korea to find the one, he loved all the years.
Traveled without money, just the though to meet Heechul again, gaves him strengh. 
doesnt have interessts in him...?
But what if it seems that his childhood Friend 

[NEWS] My Blogspot- BLOG! Only for TVXQ & Super Junior ♥

2 Aug


long time ago huh? ^^

So…FINALLy….>>>>>>i decided to create a blogspot Blog! ^0^ yay~

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i dont know…maybe i just need help O_o Heechul~~help me…0(T ^T)o iiiiik <3


i’m looking for some People who support me here….Tasukete♥

So PLEASE email me……><

See you,
Kymee !!

[Video] My Birthday Present for Heechul !!! ♥ (way back into Love)

13 Jul

•••Took more then 5 Days..OMYGOD!!  Stíll–hope u like it! •••