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[Video] 동방신기•東方神起 Always keep the Faith ,,Cassiopeia with DBSK” (Eng.Sub)

1 Dec
이건 내 동방신기 지원 비디오입니다.
울지 함께 가자 …


에 너무 많은 노력을 그들이 우리에게 얘기를 그렇게 느껴 우리 함께.
잠깐 만요! 그분들이 돌아올 때까지 기다려 – 동방신기 같은.

This is my DBSK Support Video.

Let’s cry together…

Feel the way they talk to us, so much effort to being with us.
Just wait! Wait until they come back- as DBSK!




Das ist mein DBSK Support Video.

Lasst uns zusammen weinen…

Spüre die art wie sie mit uns reden,
wie fühl Mühe sich sich geben, um mit uns zu sein.

Warte! Warte bis sie wieder kommen – als DBSK!!


[MP3+Eng. Translation] TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoskinki ~ Toki wo Tomete ♫

6 Nov
I love this new song <333
i hope u like it too
Have fun with listening~~
Dont forget to link me, if you post this DL somewhere ;)

DL: Mediafire / 4Shared


LYRICS: Tohoshinki – Stop (the) Time (Toki wo Tomete)

As if being in a hurry,
constellations of the summer,
will incline to the valley of buidings and hide

In our Everyday that passed by,
there are times, we feel like to cry over little things

Although that restaurant which you wanted to go bebore, is gone already

Any day, we have believed that our Love will never end

i want to stop (the) Time, and be by your side all the time,
i want to embrace you more

While remembering about you one by one
I was believing in only eternity


I want to stop (the) Time
and i want to be by your side all the time
To the sky i looked up,
I made a wish and…

While connecting the shiny stars one by one
i was looking for your shape

I want to stop (the) Time,
and be by your side all the time,
i want to embrace you more

While remembering about you one by one
I was believe in only eternity


[Video] DBSK @ Hollywood Bowl ~ Performances

2 Oct

Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl – Rising Sun + Tonight + Purple Line + Balloons + Ending

credit: Mylittlesuperdongbang

[Videos] Dream Concert 2007/2008 – DBSK Cuts

2 Oct


070609 KBS2 News Ulsan Dream Concert (DBSK Cut)
070610 Dream Concert – Opening (DBSK Cut)
070610 Dream Concert – O Jung Ban Hap [
070610 Dream Concert – Ending
070614 MNet Dream Concert – Rising Sun
080608 SBS – [
Purple Line][Rising Sun]
080608 MNet – [

credit: Mylittlesuperdongbang /DBSKer

[Videos] TVXQ’s Concert Secrets

2 Oct

Concert Secrets 1
Concert Secrets 2 [
Part 1] [Part 2]



2 Oct

Anyband Concert (DBSK + Junsu Cuts)

Anyband – Daydream
Anyband – Talk, Play Love + Promise You
Rising Sun, I Wanna Hold You, White Lies, (DBSK)
Junsu – Memories, BoA + Junsu – A Whole New World

Junsu – Beautiful Thing

credit@ DBSKer + Mylittlesuperdongbang

[Videos] DBSK ~ Rising Sun + O.Jung.Ban.Hap SHOWCASE

2 Oct

Rising Sun Showcase

MNet Rising Sun Showcase Part 1
MNet Rising Sun Showcase Part 2

3rd Album Showcase – “O”

*01 – [.001][.002][.003]
*02 – [.001][.002][.003]

credit: DBSKer

[Videos] DBSK – Balloons Performances

2 Oct

061029 TVXQ in Gag Concert + Balloons Performance
061105 SBS X-Man – Balloons
061112 SBS Love Concert Balloons (Cartoons)
061118 – MBC Music Core – Balloons (Snow White)
061119 KBS Music Bank – Balloons (Smurfs)
061126 SBS Inkigayo – Balloons (Peter Pan)
061209 MBC Music Center – Balloons (Christmas Red)
061210 KBS Music Bank – Balloons (Super Mario)
061229 SBS Gayo Daejeon – Balloons (Harry Potter)

CREDIT: Mylittlesuperdongbang //DBSKer

[Videos] DBSK~ O.Jung.Ban.Hap Performances

2 Oct

061001 SBS Inkigayo Comeback – O Jung Ban Hap
061009 TVN Live – O Jung Ban Hap
061012 MNet M! Countdown – O Jung Ban Hap
061013 Super Model Contest – O Jung Ban Hap
061014 MBC Music Core – O Jung Ban Hap [LIVE]
061015 SBS Multizen award – O Jung Ban Hap
061028 Korea Drama Festival – O Jung Ban Hap
061102 TVXQ in tvNMAD.com – O Jung Ban Hap
061105 SBS Inkigayo – O Jung Ban Hap
061110 MTV Live Wow – O Jung Ban Hap
061124 51st Asia Pacific Film Festival – O Jung Ban Hap
061125 MKMF – O Jung Ban Hap
061126 KBS1 Korea-China Friendship Concert – O Jung Ban Hap
061201 MTV 16th Seoul Music Award – O Jung Ban Hap
061214 Golden Disk Awards O Jung Ban Hap
061230 KBS Gayo Big Festival O Jung Ban Hap
061231 MBC Gayo Festival – O Jung Ban Hap
071004 Asia Song Festival – O Jung Ban Hap
071208 Korea-China Friendship Concert – O Jung Ban Hap

CREDIT@Mylittlesuperdongbang //DBSKer

[MV/PV] TVXQ – Bolero

2 Oct
Download the PV:

credit: Myshareofkpop @BS

[MV/PV] TVXQ – Survivor

2 Oct
Sorry for long waiting….i still have my Exams ∟.∟

Download the PV:


CREDIT:myshareofkpop @BS

[Mp4+Avi] Jaejoong & Yoochun ~ COLOURS: Harmony and Melody

27 Sep
OMG #______#
isnt it awesome?? ♥

MP4 -> http://www.mediafire.com/?eg4zkhikztl
AVI -> http://www.mediafire.com/?umtxmmzogte


[MP3] DBSK + Super Junior ”Support Song” It’s Time 4 Love ♥

16 Sep
Honestly..i wasnt sure about uploading it..that song *TVXQ-Somebody to Love* is verrrrry awesome..but my Voice is horrible..however..now i know..there are more than 220 Download ^.^ *HAPPY* Thanks Guys!!!


*there is also a Preview ♥*

[MP3] TVXQ~ Love in the Ice (Freezer-Remix)

7 Sep

[MP3] TVXQ – Nothing better (Piano Intrumental)

5 Sep
Nothing Better

[MP3] TVXQ~ ”Shine/Ride On” (Single)

28 Aug

[MP3] TVXQ~ ”Forever Love” (single)

28 Aug
Forever love

[MP3+MV] TVXQ~ ”Purple Line” (Album)

28 Aug
Purple Line
ALBUM: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FL3QKUDT
MV: http://www.mediafire.com/?czbo49je0eg

[MP3] TVXQ~ ”Together” (single)

28 Aug

[MP3] Changmin – Two Hearts /Wild Soul (single)

28 Aug