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[Fanfic] {HanChul} Our Last Promise… Chapter 1

6 Nov

Part 1; Bye China!

North-East China, a little House in the middle of a remoted Village…

”Hankyung!” the young man in attempting to steal away winced.
Slowly he tured around.
His mother stand behind him and  gave him a surprisly glance.

”Where are you going?”
”And all this Baggage? What’s this?”
”Um…well…Mom~ let me explain this, how to start?”
She sighed. ”So what? Where are you going?”
”Mom! I’m going on a Trip! And YOU can’t stop me!”
”And where? How about board and lodging?”
”I’ll visit a Friend in South Korea. Just for some Weeks…”
”Don’t worry Mom~ I’ll call you everyday! I promise!”

Hankyung smiled. With a jerk he opened the Sliding Door.
”So…i’m going~”
Softly he kissed her on the cheek.
”Please take care, my Son!”
”Yes, i do.”

Then the Door was colsed.

”Well i never!” she was taking by surprise with Hankyung’s  sudden departure.

[Fanfic] Whisper of Love •Sichul• (1)

25 Sep

 Wisper of Love

,,Hyung?” a wisper came from the door.
No Reaction!
,,Hyung?”  the man’s voice got louder!
A susurration – Something came towards him – with big bright eyes…
A Touch!
He got palpitations.

,,Mew~” The young man stumpled several steps backwards.
Carefully he asked: ,,Heebum?”
,,Mew~” came it again!
He breathed a sigh of relief – he knew it was just Heebum.
Slowly he went towards a bed, which stood in the middle of the Room.
A sleeping young Man laid in it.
But before he could reached it, his clumsy self won; he stumple over a pair of shoes!
,,NOO~” was his last thought – then he fell.

* Sound of walking with Bare Feets on a wood-Floor/ and open a Door~