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[Videos+NEWS] 100511 Strong Heart 강심장 EP. 28 .: Heechul Cut :. (+ English Translation)

12 May
I love this ♥ I usally don't watch STRONG HEART- but i love Heechullie~ 
I cut it in 2 parts~ Translation coming soon~
But i can tell you some about what he said~ lets see...

♫ Heechul said that he like Mithra because of his moustache- 
because himself has not one so he feels like belonging to them! (LOL)
So he also like MBLAQ G.O who was also a guest of Strong Heart.
But G.O avoided him because he thought Heechul ''likes'' guys.
When the rumours started with Heechul being gay, he met Mithra in secrecy.

Heechul said: ”I got G.O.’s phone number and i tried to call him. But he always replied he’s having meal with Rain and he refused to meet me- but in the end we only got to meet each other here for the first time!”
G.O said: ”Honestly…i just said i’m having a meal with Rain because i thought Heechul likes guys!”
Heechuls Comment to the rumour of him being gay:
”I am a Idol, so things like this won’t do. I really like girls…really!”
Leeteuk, also a guest of Strong Heart:
”As the team leader i just can guarantee that!”

♫ Heechul told about the rumour of him leaving Super Junior, 
which made him very sad because it was such a shock to him...><

He revealed:
”Since debut i had a lot of bad rumours. Scandals that i look like a woman, rumours of me quitting and leaving Super Junior, a love scandal between Minthra Jin and me…all these ridiculous rumours which are not true! Because of my other activities like acting, i’ve added burden to Super Junior. There were times where i had disagreements with other members so i left the quarters to live alone. There were also discussions of fans that i’m not helping with Super Junior’s  activities, so i even left the Fan Cafe. At that time Eunhyukie told me ‘Since you have already made your position in team just come back later again.’ and i’m really thankful to him for these words…..Also Leeteuk helped me alot when i did something wrong!’
He also said:
”Before when i said ‘Hello. Hello.” that made people missunderstanding me and they got a bad impression of me but Leeteuk is like ‘Ah Hello. Hyugnim, hello~’. And even to hoobae’s he is like ‘Hello nice to meet you- no no. thank you, thank you!’ And when i saw him doing it i really cried.”

Heechul’s story full of his painful heart made our Leader-sshi tearing.
Even Heechul tried to be funny at the same time, Leeteuk had to went backstage to cry his heart out. Heechul were tearing after that too.

translated by:  Kymee♥ @ Mylittlesuperdongbang
shared by: Mylittlesuperdongbang