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[Video] 東方神起 Jaejoong ~ ”Mission JJ”

31 Jan
^^ Hey! I finally could upload it ~ I’m happy!
it took me 4 days to finish it~
I used many clips (you see) but in the end i put them together as one♥
Still lovely ^^
For these who want to steel some scenes….feel free, but you see i put a Index in it ^^
So if you upload it somewhere else, then give credit.
and dont cut scenes out of it and make another video of it….>.>
OK? Thank you ♥
Please have fun to watch ^__^

[MP3] Jaejoong & Junsu ~ To My Bride 신부에게 @ Jaejoong’s sister Wedding

27 Oct

Download it HERE

@Littlesuperdongbang ♥

[Fanmade MV] Yunjae 윤재 ~ Missing Love

21 Oct
Scary…>.< i’m soo fast with Videos this Time~~
i made it like a Fanfiction Trailer…maybe i’m gonna write one xD
Jaejoong and Yunho had a bad fight,
before they were always together…
the Love disappeared~
when they were seperate,
they realized they miss each other,
and Jeajoong cratered….
he become a Victim of Evil dealings!!!
Is it possible to get together again? Has they Love still a Chance??
•Song: I.F (Infinite Flower) – Rainbow

[Fanmade MV] Yunjae 윤재~ Is it Love?

22 Sep

YEAH~ c(^-^c)
You see?
Its my new YUNJAE Video~
The other ”Save a little Love” coming tomorrow!!

Yunho and Jaejoong sing about their feelings for each other…
they don’t know if this feeling is Love or just Friendship!
SCENE 1: @1:35~ Yunho comfess his Love to Jaejoong…
SCENE 2: @2:20~ Yunho tickling each other…They both laughing!!
SCENE 3: @2:27~ Yunho hugging Jaejoong; comforting him ♥
SCENE 4: @3:04~ Yunho watching Jaejoong while he’s sleeping~
What will happen with they?? ^.^
Well…nobody knows ♥

[Fanmade Video] Yunjae 윤재 ~ Sexy Love

13 Jul

•••My best Video Ever •••